The 43rd Othello Meijin-sen  

Host: Japan Othello Association (JOA) Patronage: MegaHouse Corp.・Othello Corp.

Due to the spread of COVID-19, it is possible that the tournament may be canceled. Thank you for your understanding.

Spectators are prohibited on the day of the tournament.


■ Dates and Divisions:

Saturday, March 18th, 2023: Masters Division (age 40 and above), Students Division, Elementary School Division

Sunday, March 19th, 2023: Open Division

※You may choose to play both in one of the divisions on Saturday, March 18th (if and only if you qualify to play for that division) and in the Open Division on Sunday, March 19th.

1.If any of the divisions has less than 16 players, then that division’s tournament will not be held.

2.The Women’s Meijin will be decided based on the top female player in the Open Division ranking.

3.For all the players participating in the Students Division, please be sure to bring your student ID with you; we will check it on the day of the tournament. (Elementary, Junior High School, High School, College, Graduate, and Vocational School Students)

4.Elementary school students may choose to participate either in the Elementary School Division or the Students Division, but not both.

5.Elementary and junior-high school-students may be accompanied by one guardian.

■ Requirement for Entry: All players may participate in the Open Division, regardless of age or gender.

■ Venue: Toki Messe, Niigata Convention Center, Main Hall

■ Address: 6-1 Bandai Jima, Chuō-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture

■ Access: Please confirm on the venue’s home Page.

■ Handling Tardiness:If you do not check in while the reception desk is open (11:30~12:00 on the 18th and 9:10~9:30 on the 19th), then you will not be allowed to participate.

However, those who contact the Japan Othello Association Secretariat (080-1199-9312within the time frame of the registration on the day of the tournament AND are able to participate from Round 1 will be eligible to play. (A proxy lottery will be held).


■ Maximum number of players (first come first served):

March 18th Masters Division (Age 40 and Above)Students Division = 48 Players in each class

March 18th Elementary School Division = 32 Players

March 19th Open Division =150 Players

Each division will close its registration once it reaches its maximum number of players.

If pre-registrations for any of the divisions do not exceed 16 players, then that division will be canceled and check-in will not be held on the day of the tournament.

■ Entry Cost:

JOA Members Non-Members
Open Division 5,500 Yen 10,000 Yen
Masters Division (age 40 and Above) 4,000 Yen 10,000 Yen
Students Division(the cost of non-member elementary and junior high school students is the same as the cost for member students) 3,000 Yen 10,000 Yen
3,000 Yen
Elementary School Division 1,500 Yen 1,500 Yen

(Note 1)We will not provide lunch for the players. Please have your own lunch.

(Note 2)Please be responsible for all of your trash and take it with you.

(Note 3)On Saturday March 18th, there will be no lunch break in all divisions. Please have your lunch before the check-in.

◎There will be no exemptions for the registration fee.


■ Entry Registration Period: Sunday December 25th 2022 Saturday February 25th 2023 ※Once a divison reaches its maximum number of players, the registration for that division will close.

■ Registration method: Please proceed from the【申し込み】(“application” if you use Google translate on that page) tab and register (once we confirm your deposit, you will officially be registered).

Due to the System Management, payment will only be allowed via Paypal.

If you decide to cancel after payment has been made,, then we cannot return your entry deposit. Thank you for your understanding.

We will upload a list of the players’ names on the home page.

■ Check-in method on the day of the tournament:

We will implement Japan Othello Association’s Tournament Operation System, “GORO”. Scan its QR code to complete your check-in.

Please prepare an electronic device such as a smartphone or a tablet to read the QR code. Thank you for your cooperation.

※If you do not own a smartphone or a tablet with a built-in camera, then your registration process will be handled at the reception counter.

If you are a member of the Japan Othello Association, then we will ask you to show your JOA ID card at the reception for verification purposes, so please be sure to bring it.

■ Rules:

Open Division 6 qualifying rounds+2 final rounds/Max 2 games to determine final rankings

20 minutes per player(no additional time), no draws

Masters Division (age 40 & above)

Students Division

33~48 Players: 4qualifying rounds+2 final rounds/2 games to determine final rankings

17~32 Players: New Othello Format, 6 rounds

20 minutes per player(no additional time), no draws

Elementary School Division 4qualifying rounds+2 final rounds/1 game to determine final rankings

20 minutes per player(no additional time), no draws

■Awards and Dan-Kyu Certification

・Ouza-sen Entry Ticket–Open: 5 wins or more. Masters(age 40 & above)/Students: 4 wins or more. Elementary Students: 8th place and above

・Dan-Kyu certification will require a fee except for the winner of each division.

■Time Schedule

March 18th (Saturday) Masters Division (age 40 and above)/Students Division
Reception 11:30~12:00
Opening Ceremony 12:10~12:20
Round 1 12:30~13:10
Round 2 13:20~14:00
Round 3 14:10~14:50
Round 4 15:00~15:40
Round 5/Semifinals 15:50~16:30
Finals/Third-Place Playoff 16:50~17:30
Awards Ceremony 17:40~18:00


March 18th (Saturday) Elementary School Division
Reception 11:30~12:00
Opening Ceremony 12:10~12:20
Round 1 12:30~12:50
Round 2 13:00~13:20
Round 3 13:30~13:50
Break 13:50~14:10
Round 4 14:10~14:30
Round 5/Semifinals 14:40~15:00
Finals/Third-Place Playoff 15:20~15:50
Awards Ceremony 16:00~16:20


March 19th Open Division
Reception 9:10~9:30
Awards Ceremony 9:35~9:50
Round 1 9:55~10:35
Round 2 10:45~11:25
Round 3 11:35~12:15
Lunch Break 12:15~12:55
Round 4 13:00~13:40
Round 5 13:50~14:30
Round 6 14:40~15:20
Round 7/Semifinals 15:30~16:10
Finals/Third-Place Playoff 16:25~17:05
Awards Ceremony 17:10~17:30

※There may be some small changes in the timetable. Please check on the day of the tournament.

■ Other:

・If a foreign player or non-JOA member wins the tournament, that person will not be allowed to represent Japan for the WOC2023.

・The champion of the Open Division tournament will represent Japan (members only).

・If the WOC2023 is not held, then the winner does not have the right to represent Japan.

■Contact: Japan Othello Association Secretariat TEL:03-3843-7611

Phone contact on the day of the tournament: 080-1199-9312

Important:Entry Requirement

◎Lunch will not be provided on either day. On the 19th, you are not permitted to eat lunch inside the venue. Please finish lunch and return to the venue before the end of the lunch break.

・You are not allowed to eat or drink anything inside the venue or at the entrance (including lunch boxes or snacks) unless for hydration purposes.

・If you are planning to bring a beverage for hydration purposes, then please make sure to bring a beverage with a cap attached to it and your name written on it.

・Please write your name even if your drink is a plastic bottle.

・If you find that your drink doesn’t have a name during a game, please write it on the bottle within your time.

・Please take your plastic bottle with you.

・There will be no trash cans placed at the venue or the entrance (please take your trash with you as well).

◎Please be sure to follow these rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

・Please wear a mask at all times, both inside the venue and at the entrance.

(Please bring your own mask. We will not provide masks.)

・Forming a crowd and having conversations or private talks is strictly prohibited.

・We will take your temperature at the reception. If you have a fever over 37.5oC (99.5oF), or feel fatigued, then you may not participate in the tournament.

・If you do not feel well on the day of the tournament, please refrain from participating in the tournament.

・Hand sanitizer implementation(coughing etiquette, washing your hands, thoroughly sanitizing your hands).

・When you are in the venue, please sanitize your hands before and after each match.

◎Please read the Privacy Policy and agree to the terms.

・The personal information entered in your registration will be used as part of the operation of the tournament.

・A list of registered players will appear on the Japan Othello Association homepage, and may later appear in the Othello News.

・This tournament may be promoted on various media such as social media and other online video-sharing services. There is a possibility that these platforms will use pictures and videos taken on the day of the tournament.

・Furthermore, each media outlet may conduct interviews to put in the magazine or on the home page.

・Please browse the PRIVACY POLICY for more detailed information.

プライバシーポリシー     PRIVACY POLICY